T H E  B A N D


“As a producer of events for all ages and interests, Festivals Kelowna is always on the lookout for bands with a solid sound that we think will draw interest from our audiences and provide great entertainment value. ‘Farmer’ is such a band. Not only do they sound great, are talented musicians with strong musicality, but they also know how to interact with our audiences and are great group of people to work with. “

Renata Mills, Executive Director
Festivals Kelowna

Canadian grown americana folk Music 

          FARMER THE BAND are multi tasking, multi instrumentalist, indie folk musicians from BC. This duo fills the stage with vocal harmonies, guitar, bass, harmonica, drums, percussion, and anything else that’s in arms (foots) reach. Their Americana music – sorry, Canadiana music - and songwriting and storytelling flow between humour and heartache with sincerity and optimism. 

          As their writing evolved, different instrumentation was needed to enhance the story of the song in performances. Two guitars work for some songs but others need a bit more bottom end to drive the song so a bass was added. Then a foot tambourine for a bit of a bounce followed by a kick drum, snare, hi hat, harmonica – all played at the same time. They even found a way to fit in the occasional trumpet line!  Lourine and Glen figured out a way to fill the sound as a duo, at first,  it was only a few songs that needed the extra instrumentation. Then it was almost the full set. “We added more instruments but forgot to add the players!” It may look gimmicky but Farmer The Band gives a full sound because that's what the song deserves. The most beautiful part of the arrangement is that all the songs can still be performed with an acoustic guitar and the two voices.

          The singer songwriting team started off performing with two guitars in local coffee shops and farmers markets as a folk duo. Now they perform with a van full of instruments in venues coast to coast as husband and wife.