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* - plus 156 Km, there's a few stops that wouldn't fit on Mapquest!

2017/06/07 - The sun was shining in in the Port Credit area of Mississauga. With some days off between shows, we had to fill our time somehow and the most productive (and fun) thing for us, is to go busking. We walked down to the water, opened our guitar cases, and started to play. There were only a few folks that were walking by. Most of those few gave us at least a smile and a nod, and some slowed down to listen while others actually stopped. Occasionally, someone will ask us to play a certain song. Normally, we don’t do requests. Not because we are snobbish, but because we never get requested a song we know! Well, today, we were able to deliver.
   Our request came today from a young couple that listened to us earlier while they watched their one year old dance to our music and then they continued on their way. Shortly after leaving, they returned with a request for an all time classic song. Rarely do we get repeat audiences while busking on a sidewalk - especially ones with such enthusiasm as young Ava - so we gave it a go. We sang “Wheels on The Bus”! 
   The sunshine, the scenery, but mostly the happy couple and their daughter, made today a highlight for us for sure. Thank you, Ava. We are Farmer The Band and we take requests.

2017/05/31 - Hey, you know that famous song "I Left My Heart in Fort Frances"? Well, that's what the lyrics should be. This was our second time performing in Fort Frances, ON, and we were asking ourselves if it could possibly be as friendly and welcoming as we remembered. The answer: yes! 
   When we arrived at From The Grind Up, Ben, Sam, and Jenna welcomed us like we were best friends. Everyone that came to listen to our songs and stories last night were wonderful too! Thanks to all for spending your Wednesday night with us! 
   But back to the venue -  Painted on the side of the cafe, running along the old brick wall, are interlocking gears. It's a fitting theme because this business is what every community needs.  Ben, the owner of From The Grind Up, has created a space for coffee lovers, food lovers, and music lovers. It's connecting people and strengthening it's community! 

2017/05/24 - We thankfully had a short drive from Moose Jaw this morning. The cross wind was crazy! The shallow layer of dust cloud was thick like a fog. Signs were blown over. The tour van felt like it could roll over any second. But we made it through, two hands on the wheel, and of course with great music. We love listening to 91.3 CJTR when passing through Regina. But then all was quiet. Where did the eclectic playlist go? So I decided to go see how our good friend Josh at CJTR was doing in the radio silence. Well the power went out at the station. What does one do with the executive director of a community radio station when the power is out? Well... not much, except talk about music of course! Josh is a great guy, a wealth of knowledge, and huge supporter and fan of music, and a performer too.  As the drummer in the the band Picture Radio, he's the backbone, the timekeeper operating in the shadows of the stage, which is very much like being an executive director - always making sure the people behind the mic shine!  He was the first one at a radio station to accept our debut album and...

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JUNE 2017

JUN 23 - Creek Village Art Gallery, Woodstock NB
JUN 24 - Baba’s Lounge, Charlottetown PE
JUN 26 - Music Mondays, Alma NS
JUN 30 - Citadel House, Lewisporte NL

JULY 2017
JUL 4 - Two Whales, Port Rexton NL
JUL 7 - Rebecca's Restaurant, Mahone Bay NS
JUL 8 - Grimross Brewery, Fredericton NB
JUL 9 - O’Donaughue’s, Mirimichi NB
JUL 14 - Red Brick, Guelph ON
JUL 17 - Fromagerie Elgin, Sudbury ON

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